Friday, 30 April 2010

New Endoscope/Borescope- The Portascope MK3

New Endoscope/Borescope- The Portascope MK3

Manufactured by Litetec Ltd, this new endoscope kit is a low cost, effective instrument to allow inspection and examination of normally inaccessible areas.

The endoscope comes with a diameter of only 9.6mm and a working length of 320mm, a side viewing system and re-chargable battery pack.

Litetec first developed the original 'Portascope' over 10 years ago and since then the design has gone from strength to strength resulting in the MK3 version, which has been refined with superior engineering and an easier way of replacing the bulbs. The new endoscope kit now also comes with a scope saver as standard and a spare bulb and fuse.

The robust carry cases now also can be branded for re-sellers incorporating their company name and/or logo.

Litetec offer very competitive prices for re-sellers of this borescope- please get in touch if you would like a trade price list.


A new micro site has been produced for this endoscope-

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Download a PDF with full specifications and Images here: New Endoscope PDF